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Everything is awesome about abandoned factories #absolutelyeverything (at Alpha Portland Cement silos)

Feeling the love to all of my #motoladies. Another shot of @samanthalovelouise on her raw tanked cb360t ✌️

@jaycagney and me at #strangedays4 on Saturday. What a weekend! Thanks for the 📷 @captcalsretrofit! (at Strange Days 4)

What better way to end an awesome weekend than with an arm full of puppies #drunkpuppies

Repost from @girlspitswater on our way home from #strangedays4. Such an amazing weekend! #expandyourmotorcyclemind (at Granny’s Pancake House)

@jaycagney having a shoot off with the #strangedays4 giveaway bike #expandyourmotorcyclemind (at Strange Days 4)

Putting my rear end back together all by myself makes me feel like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny | Welded on a fender support, cleaned up the swingarm bracket and added a coat of paint!

Six months ago this bike was completely stock. Bravo to @samanthalovelouise, @rsfazz and @captcalsretrofit on this gorgeous transformation!

Wack-a-mole in his natural habitat #motoadventure (at Paulinskill Viaduct)

Bicycle Rim✔️ Inner Tubes ✔️ Dreams that Need Catching✔️✨

"I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring." Happy 3 years @jaycagney!! I love you more and more with every adventure and moment we share and embrace together💗 (at Brooklyn Invitational ‘13)

Lots of pit stops this weekend when my bike was having issues, but I’m glad we got to hop off and soak in places like this. (at Pine Island)

Driving through #blackdirtcountry yesterday on our way to New York (at Pine Island)

I’ve officially been inked. Cabin | Mountain | Trees #thesimplelife #sorrymom (at Artisanal Tattoo)

Crossing the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge this weekend. Thanks for the 📷 @cherm4910! (at Catskills, NY)