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Friday night paint shop #staygolden

Friday night paint shop at the

Looks like you should be splitting lanes @jaycagney, now if only you had an engine in that frame.

Getting there, built a bracket for the new headlight but still need a a new AC, longer forks and to relocate a bunch of electrical parts.

Tons of snow, no crowds, 50 degrees…can’t complain. (at Mountain Creek South)

Happy daze in the sculpture yard, senior year of college. (at UD Sculpture Yard)

An old photo from when Brittany and I broke into an abandoned farmhouse in Maryland. Glad we got some photos before we were caught and kicked out.

Sunset at my house tonight #goodnightmoon

You know the weekend is going to be epic, when you get to hang out with your favorite people from when you were 17. Can’t wait to see you all!! P: Euna Kho @div_agarwal @gotham_peach @bearbot @stsauerhaft @juliahaftel @sarloson @_tucker_ @melizzleshizzle @sampeachmusic

Sassy from the start #dancesmoves (at Camp Kippewa for Girls)

Thanks to @wildmoonrose I can now make my body into a side table at parties. Put a red wine glass on top, I promise it won’t spill! (at Bright Heart Yoga)

A lovely little but of afternoon light. Bought this bike in Hoboken for @jaycagney last year, she’s a beaut for being 30-something years old! #schwinning

I love living in the woods when morning fog rolls through #cabinlife

Found Pearns Point #hiddenbeaches - total selfie in @jaycagney shades

It’s just one of those kinds of places that you never want to leave #Antigua (at Jolly Harbour Marina)